What can I put in a skip?

Most general waste is acceptable, however some items cannot be accepted due to safety or weight reasons. For example, items that are toxic to either people or the environment are prohibited, such as poison, asbestos and industrial chemicals. Some heavy items such as concrete and bricks are acceptable, but only in limited quantities.
A complete list is below. Please contact us for further information.

Items we accept

• Glass bottles and jars
• Aluminium cans and foil
• Aluminium windows
• Doors
• Newspapers, magazines & books
• Office paper and envelopes
• Phone books
• Pizza boxes
• Milk and egg cartons
• Cardboard boxes and wrapping
• Polystyrene
• Steel food cans
• Steel paint cans (empty)
• Steel aerosol cans (empty)
• Juice cartons and plastic soft drink bottles
• Grass clippings
• Small branches
• Twigs
• Garden prunings
• Lawn clippings
• Weeds, leaves, and flowers
• Tree stumps (maximum diameter 25cm)
• Timber logs
• Small timber offcuts
• Old pot plants and pots
• Untreated timber
• Palettes (broken down)
• Plasterboard
• Clothing charity bins
• Rags
• Bubble wrap/thin film plastic/plastic bags
• Electrical cable
• Scrap metals
• Tyres (extra charge applies)
• Mattresses (extra charge applies)

Items we DO NOT accept

• Cooking oil
• Gas bottles
• Vehicle batteries
• Sump oil
• Used oil filters
• Batteries – single use or rechargeable
• Paints and thinners
• Household cleaners
• Household chemicals
• Synthetic chemicals
• Empty gas bottles up to 9kg
• Batteries – disposable or rechargeable
• Petrol, Diesel
• Acids
• Any liquids
• Medical waste
• Grease trap waste
• Containers filled with oil
• Contaminated soil
• Computers & accessories
• Other electronics
• Electrical appliances
• Electrical appliances – battery operated
• Mobile phones
• Computer equipment and accessories (desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, hard drives, keyboards etc…)
• Home office equipment (printers, scanners, photocopiers, fax machines etc…)
• Electronic games and toys
• Entertainment equipment (televisions, stereos, DVD players, hi-fi equipment, speakers etc…)
Please note – Most Councils have an e-waste drop off, please call your local council for more information regarding e-waste.
Items Expressly Prohibited
• Asbestos
• Poisons
• Radioactive materials

Items accepted in limited quantities (less than three wheelbarrows per bin in total)
• Concrete & Bricks
• Dirt, Rocks & Rubble
• Soil & Sand
• Roof tiles
• Bathroom tiles (with concrete backing)

How much notice do I need to give when ordering my skip?

We can often deliver a skip bin within a few hours of ordering, however, giving us 24 hours notice will ensure that your skip bin is delivered on time. If drivers’ schedules are heavily booked then we may have trouble getting a bin to you very quickly.

Also note that at times, particularly on weekends, our skip bins can be completely booked out. For weekend bookings, please try to book by the Wednesday night before.

What payment methods do we receive?

On confirmation of a booking, an invoice is either sent by email or if requested, confirmation can be given over the phone. Payment is required prior to delivery.

Payment can be made any of the following ways:

  • by following the ‘pay now’ button, at the top of the emailed invoice.
  • direct debit. Details are on the invoice (direct debit should be paid 24 hours before delivery).
  • over the phone (most card types accepted. Please note that for security reasons, details are entered directly into the EFTPOS machine and not stored)
  • on account. (To apply for an account, please contact us. Accounts must be paid by the due date to avoid late payment fees).

on delivery can be arranged on request. (cash or mobile EFTPOS).

What height does my carport have to be to get your mobile skips under?

A height clearance of 2100mm and width of 2400mm covers most carport garages and driveways.

Do I need a permit if the mobile skip is left on the road?

No. The trailers are registered and do not require permits, however you must abide by local council parking restrictions on the road and footpath. Speak to the driver upon delivery for further advice.

What happens to the rubbish?

When the skip leaves your property, it’s taken back to our depot at Hindmarsh, where it’s loaded on to a truck and delivered to the SITA-Resourceco recycling plant, at Wingfield.

The waste product is put on a mound ready to be sorted. It’s placed into a hopper and the material is then sorted via a series of conveyor belts, 32 in total, separating all the waste into combustible and non-combustible materials.

All ferrous and non-ferrous items are salvaged and recycled as well as inert products such as bricks, concrete and soil.

All combustible material is broken down until it becomes Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF). This product looks like the material you’d see in a vacuum cleaner. This is then sold to companies such as Adelaide Brighton Cement, to fire up their cement kilns. The end ash is recycled into fly ash, which is used in the production of cement.

Less than 5% of total waste goes into landfill.

On a 4 cubic metre skip, with 600 kilos of waste, less than 25 kilos goes to land fill, and in most cases all is recycled.

To find out more visit SITA-Resourceco South Australia

How long can I keep the skip?

Our standard hire period is 3 days minimum, with maximum of 4 days. If it is required for longer periods speak to the driver or ring the office on 0408 088 142. Extra charges at the discretion of Zoom Mobile Skips.